Thursday, August 11, 2011

refinished side table!

I just LOVE to refinish furniture it is so much fun! This little beaut i found a garage sale for $3 bucks. one i saw it i knew i had to have it. It is seriously the cutest little thing. I knew that i could totally refinish it and make it my own and turn it into something so cute. I sanded it and had it sitting for a while at my house and this week i told myself that i was going to finish this. so i went to walmart and found the color pistachio spray paint and went to work that night when the kids went to bed. I was a little nervous about the color but knew if it didnt workout i could alway change it. The first coat was completed and i ran out of spray paint so back to walmart i went to get the 2nd spray can and finished it the next day while the kids were taking their naps.
I knew that i wanted to antique it but had no idea how to do it. My sister in law had just antiqued hers the day before so asked if she would help me and of course the wonderful woman that she is said yes. So this morning i went to hobby lobby and found some knobs for 50% off and they were so dang cute. So i went over to her house and got right to work. I just let her show me how to do it and was a little nervous to take the raines but did and actually had a lot of fun and so did she. I cant wait to do it to another piece of furniture. Thanks Jenna for all your help it looks awesome.

I started to paint and realized i didnt take a before picture
i was so mad but this at least shows what it looked like before.

After painting was completed

Antiqued with cute knobs added with it

Cute knobs up close i love them!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My very first 10K!

I had been training for this 10k for maybe a month and a half to 2 months. but training all that time didnt prepare me for the altitude change, hills and inclines. It was pretty ruff and just wanted to give up and go back home but i knew i couldnt give up. I was pretty nervous the morning of but i still managed to get it together and just do it. It was suppose to start at 6 but started a little later than that. I ran most of it but had to stop just a couple of times towards the end cause i thought i was going to pass out cause i couldnt breathe that well. I am so glad that i made this a goal of mine and stuck with it. it helped realize i had a great passion for running and really enjoyed the open road. I just loved to get my ipod and just run. I am glad i did and cant wait to sign up for another run to keep me motivated and wanting to keep running even though this heat is tuff to make myself go outside and run. I was glad to see my mom sister heidi and brother in law bruce at the end. after it was over i wanted to sit down but my brother in law told me not to and to keep moving seriously i was like no way but i did to avoid muscle cramps. Here are a few pictures of me at the end i dont look that great but hey i was at the end of running a 10k. I am proud of myself for doing it!