Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter 2011!

Easter was filled with lots of family and fun! We first had an easter party the weekend before easter with andrews side of the family. There was lots of yummy food and wonderful company. We ate and then while the adults were hiding the easter eggs my mother in law was giving the true meaning of easter it was cute to see kids tell about the savior. Then after that we were on the hunt for eggs. andrews grandma also has bags with toys for each of the kids so we searched around and found our kids and they loved everything they got of course went straight for the candy. It is always a great time hanging out with the winters they are so much fun and we have a wonderful time together.

The saturday before easter we had a party at my sisters house. Some of the older kids braved the freezing water and went swimming. we ate dinner and then all the men went to the park to hide the eggs. we then trecked over to the park with the kids and they went crazy getting all the eggs. well being that my kids are the smallest and youngest they were quit so fast but they still had fun collecting eggs and eating all the candy. The kids played and coltons cousin clayton was helping colton hit the ball with a bat. he sure loved having a big kid play and have fun with him.
We had a great easter and glad that we have such wonderful families to be around. I am so thankful for the savior and all that he has done for us. I love my little family and so happy that i get to be a mom and wife. Hope everyone had a great easter. warning picture overload but my kids are so cute i had to put them all in!

Thats the best shot i got! oh well still cute

not happy about having to stop and take a picture

Monday, April 11, 2011

She can walk, she can WALK!

Well finally my sweet little princess can WALK! i am so happy that i dont have to carry her everywhere now and her knees wont be so beat up. she will walk and if she falls she will crawl still too but what baby doesnt do that when they first start walking? I went to my moms house this weekend and she all of a sudden decided that she was going to take a risk and start letting go of things and start moving those feet by herself. I could tell she was a little scared but once she started doing it more she was so happy to be moving with the other kids. Colton has been helping her walk too, he will grab her hands when she is standing and will say come on sissy walk with me, and she absolutely loves it when he does that. Also when we were driving back home me and my sister stopped to eat and i was giving mya her food to eat and she said thank you, i looked at my sister and i asked did you hear that she was like yeah she totally said thank you, she is learning new things so fast but i love it! anyways, i KNOW she will be into everything but colton already is so whats one more. cant believe she is walking and getting so big but we love her to pieces. We love you baby girl!