Thursday, May 28, 2009

6 months already!

Colton was 6 months on tuesday, but we went to the doctor today. Again i was wrong with his weight he weighed in at 19lbs 75th percentile, height 27 inches 70th percentile, head 17.5 inches 70th percentile. So needless to say he is right on track. Colton loves waking up early but it is so cute cause i hear him playing around in his crib and when i go get him he is holding to both of his feet and rolling back and forth or he is completed turned around the opposite way just talking away. he is a big talker and loves to scream once they find their voice it is over from there but i love it. he is staring to crawl a little bit on his belly. He has strong legs and loves to jump around on us and in his jumparoo he goes nuts in that thing. He can put himself in a sitting position but then falls over it is a work in progress but i know it wont be to long. He will chew on anything that is in his path and loves to pull and eat my hair. Like i said he is teething and the 2 front teeth are really close to breaking through it is like using the jaws of life to look in his mouth he doesnt like it when i am poking around in there he would just rather chew on my finger instead. He grabs at anything in his reach i have to be way more cautious or else he will get a kung fu grip and wont let go. he loves bath time, he starts screaming and jumping around when he hears me turn on the water to cute.He is just growing up way to fast but we love to see him accomplish new things.
We love you bug.

crazy face and eyes

He was playing with this cup and it ended up on his head.

getting ready for bath time

love this video he is cracking up over a sweaky toy
and sees our little dog jump for it. he loved it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend in pine

This past weekend we went to andrews family cabin in pine. It was so awesome up there the weather was so nice, it rained a lot in the day but it was still so much fun to just be with family and eat good food all day long. andrew isnt a fan of going up there but the wonderful man that he is knows that i do so he went with us. colton loved it but towards the end he was getting really cranky which is not like him if you know my child he is the happiest baby ever, but he is teething big time his 2 front teeth are coming in, hopefully it wont be much longer i want my happy baby back.

Happy little guy

it got a little bright for him so we put his sun glasses on

grandpa is so good with colton he always sings to him and he loves it

Cousin Bostyn, daddy and colton

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun in the sun

Last week my sister heidi invited us over to play in the little pool out back i thought perfect it was a hot day and colton hasnt experienced the pool yet. So off we went. when we got there the kids were already playing and having fun. so i stripped colton down to his diaper i put his feet in and his face said it all, it was cold. but then he got used to it and was slashing around in no time just like he does in the bath. he looks so cute with his new hat that we bought for summer. thanks heidi for inviting us over.

Chubby little man but cute as can be

Cousin Karli wanted to hold colton, she said he is heavy

Mommy and colton