Thursday, January 29, 2009

our cute little bug is 2 months old

I am a little late, Colton was 2 months on monday. He is growing so fast he weighs just about 15lbs, i know chunker but a cute one i might add. I love to be with him and always have him smiling at me even when he is being a stinker. He love kisses and scratching his back it kinda tickles him but he loves it. He is such a good baby and now sleeps for 7 hrs ever night, you have no idea how much i enjoy that. we love him so much i cant even explain it. here are a few pictures of him

Sleeping Just hangin out, big smiles

I dont know what he is doing but still cute as can be

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Roll Over

This morning we were laying on my bed and i had colton on his stomch, he then proceeded to roll on his side and then to his back. I was the happiest mom ever i was screaming and then ran in and told andrew what i saw he was so excited. i just cant believe how fast he is growing he is the cutest thing ever and we are blessed that he is in our lives.

a big smile after he was done

on his back. all that hard work made him tired. so cute.

on his side. he wasnt sure what was going.

On his stomach what started it all. our little bug is growing.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today me and andrew have offically been married for 3 yrs. It has been the best 3 yrs of my life. Marrying the person that makes you happy and is your best friend is awesome. andrew is the best husband and daddy that i could ask for. We didnt do much today but hangout together all day since we both had the day off and then we went out to dinner and my brother and sister in law were kind enough to watch our little bug so we could have some time together thanks lyndsay and derek. A lot has happened since we got married we bought our first house and had our first baby. It doesnt sound like much but it is to us. We are so blessed to have our little bug our lives and cant wait to see him grow and see what the future holds for us.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Colton doctor visit

Well we went to the doctor for colton cause he hasnt been feeling good and had a ruff time breathing. so we weighed him and he is 11 1/2 pounds and only 5 weeks old i have got a chunker on my hands but he is so cute. he was 22 1/2 inches long. he is in the 84th percentile for weight and 78th percentile for length. i just had to share that with you. he is ok but we changed his type of formula. so hopefully that will work.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas and new years

Well christmas was fun this year. It was coltons first christmas, he didnt do much but sleep next year will be way more fun. This year we had christmas eve with my family it was so much fun. First we had dinner which was super yummy. Then while we cleaned up all the kids decorated christmas cookies or should i say frosting cookies dang they loved that frosting. All the kids got ready for the nativity story that they acted out it and colton was baby jesus, it was so cute. Then it was time for the cousin exchange with presents colton got a new outfit, thanks aunt april. Then it was onto opening presents from grammie and papa colton got formula cause that stuff is so dang expensive and it helped us out. Thanks grammie and papa. Then we got a surprise visit from santa. Andrews dad has the whole get up of santa the outfit and the sleigh to go along with it. The kids were so excited and so happy that he was there. santa handed out some goodie bags full of candy to each kid. It was so much fun.

Christmas day we opened a few presents from each other andrew got me a necklace with coltons birthstone on it, it meant a lot, thanks babe i love you. Andrew got some hats that he has been hinting about and the dark night movie. We then got ready to go over to andrews parents house to have christmas breakfast it was so good especially when you dont have to cook it. Then we opened presents and hung out with the family.

Well new years was good we hung out at home most of the day and then went to my sisters house and ate dinner and had a fire pit and root beer floats. it was cold i know but it was really good. Then we went to andrews sister in laws house and played games and ate more food. i swear i gained like 10 pounds this christmas i felt thats all i did was eat. but worth it. then when it was time for the countdown all the kids that were there got pots and pans and went outside and was banging them around and also there were some of their neighbors setting off fireworks so we watched that as well. I was so tired at that point so we packed up and went home.

2008 was a good year to our family especially the new addition, it wouldnt be the same without him. I hope that everyone had a good christmas and new year. Here are some pictures that i took i dont have any new years ones cause my cameras battery died.