Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009!

Christmas was fun this year. Colton didnt quit get it completely but he was still a ton of fun. He loves christmas lights so much, he would wait every night by the gate for us to let him into the living room to turn on all the christmas lights and also the outside ones. Just to see his little face light up was worth it and was priceless.
We had a christmas party with my family the weekend before christmas. My brother from china happened to be in town for business so we got to catch up with him. We did a breakfast and did a kraft and just played with all the kids. that night we did a bond fire and pizza then later we did smores.
On christmas eve we were at andrews parents house. we had lots of goodies and watched old christmas movies and talked. We then went home to wait for santa. Colton woke up bright and early and went straight into the living room and we turned on the christmas tree and he went nuts. He then opened all of his presents and loved them all and wanted them opened right away.
next year will be soo much more fun he will hopefully be into opening his presents. We will also have our new little addition to the family so it will all be complete. I am so thankful for all the family and friends that we have. We are truly blessed to have them all in our lives. I hope everyone had a great christmas.

Happy with his new airplane

loving his new truck

not to happy with santa. maybe next year

Showing daddy his present

he could even wait to get it unwrapped to play with it.

Priceless. he was so excited

Loving his mr. potato head