Thursday, February 4, 2010

Before and After!

This was my first time refinishing furniture. I was wondering how i was going to do it knowing i had no idea what i was doing. But a little help from andrew on how to work the sander i was able to do it. I would sand a side of the dresser and ask andrew if it was good enough. He would help me if it needed more sanding. The sander was so loud i wanted to cry and i am sure baby girl did too. I am not one who starts projects and actually finishes them. So i was determined to do this all on my own and have it ready for our baby girl. I was very proud of myself and andrew was shocked that i finished it and it turned out good, he told me that he was proud of me, that always make anyone feel good. Colton had to jump in any moment that he could. He tried to help daddy take off all the hardware on the dresser and would carry around the screw drivers and give them to andrew. He would climb into the dresser and just sit there with a hug smile on his face. I love my little crazy man so much. Anyways i am proud that it is completed but probably will never do it again it was a lot of work, but worth it. Here are a few pictures of the process.


Mommy's helpers, i love this picture

Watchout i wasnt looking to hot but had to document
that i did it

My little man wanting to help me. he is
always trying to help and i love it.

And here it is after i was finished
i love it.