Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cashing in

Colton and mya cashed in their change and to my surprise they had quit a bit of money. They were so excited to pour the money into the counting machine. Colton ended up with $25 and mya had almost $40. We paid tithing and then they saved some and of course got a toy. Love teaching them the value of a dollar and teaching them about tithing. Now when we turn in tithing into the bishop Colton always calls them tithing instead of the bishop. Haha so funny! 

Pregnancy surprise 2013

I failed to mention that in may we found out we were Prego with baby number three. It was a shock but once that wore off we were thrilled. We are so excited to bring this girl/boy into our family. Colton and mya are so excited!

2013 summer fun

Lots of fun things we have done this summer. We love to build forts. Free summer movies is always a must. First time doing swimming lessons and they did great and were swimming with in 2 weeks, best decision to put them in it. They turned into little fishies.  We love hanging out with great grandpa, friends and early morning trips to the park cause it's hot and mom loves to garage sale early, haha!  Fun summer!