Monday, April 27, 2009

Colton is 5 months

Colton turned 5 months yesterday. where did the time go it just seems like yesterday we were having him. he is growing like a weed and i mean really. He is close to almost 20lbs. We didnt have doctor visit thats next month, so i am not for sure on his weight but he feels like he weighs that much. He is such a good and happy baby. He keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh all the time. He is rolling over both sides and is sitting up for periods of time. He loves chewing on anything he can get his chubby little hands on. He is still teething i think cause he goes nuts chewing on our finger but no teeth yet. He sleeps through the night but sometimes he will have a bad night but not usually. He loves talking and laughing and grabbing for things. anything that you eat he is trying to get his hands on so he can have some of it he is quick so we always are making sure that he cant get to it.
He loves watching baby einstein he just sits there and laughs and always has a smile or is either very focused it is so cute. he has migrated to the big boy bath, he is just to big and loves to splash around and get water everywhere but he loves the big bath and loves being naked. when he sees me turn on the water he goes nuts and cant wait to get in but hates when i get his hair wet and he gets it on his face then he gets mad at me but he gets over it. he loves going on walks and always ends up asleep yeah for me. He also is now eating big boy food and really loves the bananas he cant fit in the bumbo anymore dang those chubby little legs so we moved to a high chair but he loves it. We cant wait to see you continue to grow. we love you bug. Love mom and dad.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Easter (late i know)

Easter was so much fun. We first colored easter eggs on friday night, all colton wanted to do was eat them hench the picture below. He managed to grab the bowl with blue color in it and spilled it all over him and me so I had a blue shirt and he had blue bum and legs. It was still fun to see him enjoy it even though he didnt know what he was doing. The next morning was andrews family party we had tons and i mean tons of food that was so yummy and then had an easter egg hunt. we had to have it inside cause it was raining, there were tons of eggs and tons of kids. Then andrews brothers brought there airplanes to fly and dropped fruit rollups from them and all the kids went nuts it was fun.
After that it was off to my family party my sister and her family from utah came down and so did my parents. we had an egg hunt at my sisters greenbelt me and colton hunted for eggs even though he didnt eat the candy of course we did. Then we played kickball it was so much fun, at certain points people were slipping and falling huge puddles of water but everyone was a good sport. Then we went back to my sisters house to paint eggs that her husband made out of wood. i painted coltons but it didnt turn out so good but i am sure he didnt mind. Then off to church on sunday colton looked so cute but of course drool all over his vest, he is a slobber king and it just keeps getting worse. I am greatful for easter and what it stands for i love the savior and am truly greatful for what he did for us. I hope that everyone had a great easter.

eating the eggs

Isnt he the cutest bunny look at that face

hunting for eggs

He loved the basket he was trying to grab the eggs
but he is starting to fall over

cutest thing on earth

Friday, April 10, 2009

First trip to the zoo (3 different posts below)

On wednesday we took our first trip to the zoo as a family. It was so much fun to be together and have family time. Thanks to aunt lyndsay for inviting us. Colton was looking all over the place we couldnt keep him in his stroller. First he was carried around by daddy in the snuggle thing and then we took turns carrying him, it is hard carrying around a 18lb baby going up and down hills, well i dont recommend it at all. I cant wait to do it next year when he will react to the animals. Here are a few shots from our adventure.

Family photo

Colton and daddy

Being carried around everwhere is exhausting

sporting his new hat

Hangin out on daddy shoulders

Colton and mommy at the petting zoo

Cereal anyone

So after coltons 4 month visit the doctor told us we could start him on cereal. the first time i tried it he had no idea what was going in his mouth. He spit it out right away and started sucking and chewing on his thumb. He is starting to get a hang of it and seems to like it. We are going to start other foods but we have to do one at a time to make sure that he isnt allergic to any of them. Again he is growing way to fast but still as cute as can be.

First try with the cereal

Not to sure about it

and sucking on the bib and his thumb

New hairdoo

So the day after colton turned 4 months me and andrew decided that it was time to cut his combover. it was getting crazy looking so my sister mindy came over to do the honors, thanks aunt mimi. He did good except a couple of times he was tossing his head back and forth. Other than that he did really good. i was so sad to have to do it i wanted to cry but i held it together and away she chopped. I saved his hair, but who knows what he will do with it but i had to save it. He is growing up so fast it makes me sad, where did the time go.

Here is the crazy combover before

and after doesnt he look so grown up:(