Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Halloween was a lot of fun this year! colton was a dinosaur and mya was a sweet little ladybug I made some of mya's costume and it was a lot of fun for me (nothing fancy but i had fun).
On saturday we had a family party with all of my sisters and their families. It truely was one of the best parties ever. each family was suppose to have their own game for everyone to play. To start off the festivities we had an eyeball hunt, where you had a pot filled with spagetti noodles and grapes as the eyes and whoever found the most won.
Then it was time to eat dinner, homemade chicken noodles soup, rolls, and salad. It was SO yummy! after that we went outside and played candy corn relay, whoever could fill up their skulls with candy corn first won. We then just hungout and and enjoyed the cool weather and watched the kids play.
We then proceeded to make spiders and witches hands with popcorn in it (of course i had to make them both) but after i was done colton loved the krafts. we then just hungout more and let all of our food and candy settle in our tummies.
Then it was time for the cupcake walk ( i think everyone knows how to play that one so i am not going to explain it, haha). then it was time to clean up and head on home. I am so glad i have my sisters and their families to be around, i am so lucky. Cant wait till next year. here are some pictures of our cute kiddos all in costume. They are a little out of order but oh well.

Our cute little family

The spider i made for colton

The whole crew

Our cute little ladybug

Our handsome dinosaur

Yes that is me in the backround i had to hold mya up

dont you just love him

Such a cutie

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mya is 7 months

My sweet baby girl is 7 months old! she is still a little tiny girl but so dang cute that it doesnt even matter. We went to the doctor today and got 3 shots i hate shots it makes me so sad when she cries. but she did fantastic, colton was such a cute big brother and was trying to help put her paci in her mouth. i can already tell he is watching out for her.
She is for sure a drama queen, everything is so dramatic to her. She is such a huge talker and just rambles on forever. She doesnt like to sit up she scoots her legs right out from underneath her, she would rather be standing or jumping, maybe that means she will be walking sooner, who knows. she can scoot around on her back she pushes off with her heels and away she goes it is funny to watch her. she was wants to crawl so bad if i but a toy out of her reach she trys her little heart out to get it she becomes very focus tongue out and all.

I could just go on and on about her. she is the sweetest baby girl and we are lucky to have her.
her stats are:

Weight- 14lbs 13oz (7th percentile)
height- 24.5 inches (4th percentile)
head- 17 inches (58th percentile)
i know all of you are laughing cause thats the only thing right now she has going for her. big heads seem to run in the fam. We love you princess!

Cutest thing ever i love her smile

wow can we say focused

loves her food and loves to wear it

Chews on anything she can

I seriously love this picture