Monday, November 29, 2010

Birthday Boy!

When he was 1st born

His 1st Birthday

2nd birthday showing off his present

Look at how big he is

Love this kid he is the best

November 26th was coltons 2nd birthday! so crazy how things just fly by, it seems just like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. He is the cutest happiest little boy i have ever met. He is such a big boy and loves being called a big boy he gets really happy when we say that he is such a big boy for doing that. We had a little party for him here at our house, he loved it and had a lot of fun playing with cousins, aunt, uncles and friends. Of course he loved presents, he started screaming presents when i told him it was time to open them. Watching him open them was so cute, his facial expressions just says it all, he was one happy camper.

Things that have happened to colton since he was 1:
Been hospitalized for 3 days
He can talk like no other
got rid of his paci
He became a big brother
He now sleeps in a big boy bed

We love you colton you are such a wonderful big boy!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Family Fun!

Tonight we were all just hanging out having some fun family time. I got colton this truck tent from a garage sale and i knew it would be a hit, not only colton loved it but so did daddy! the top was kinda coming off so i just tore it off and gave the truck a sun roof. Colton wanted daddy to come in the truck with him. He somehow got him to get in. Colton was seriously on cloud nine he started screaming and having a ball. He kept asking daddy to move over but there wasnt any room for daddy to go anywhere, it was funny. I taught him to make the horn sound that those trucks make and he wanted everyone to do it with him. A little while later colton was in there by himself and driving it around and making the horn sound, it was pretty dang cute. Then colton somehow convinces daddy to get in again, i then was doing something in the kitchen and found all three of them in there i started laughing and of course had to take a picture, colton wanted mommy to come in too but there for sure wasnt enough room for all 4 of us. i did get in it earlier when daddy was sleeping. Anyways it was a great night as a family! I sure cherrish these times when i get spend quality time with them, even if it means being in a truck tent. Love my cute little family.

So much fun with daddy!

My precious family

Eating fishies in his tent