Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 off to a bad start (long post)

New year eve is where it started. We were having a ton of fun at andrews brothers house. We kept having a diaper full of not so good stuff and then he threw up. It never stopped from there. thanks to a wonderful sister in law who cleaned it up as we gave him a bath, it was everywhere. We tried and tried to keep him hydrated and eating but nothing was working. By the time it got to be sunday our poor little man couldnt keep anthing down and i mean anything not even a few sips of water. So off to the ER we went. The nurses couldnt even find a vein to get blood and put in an ivy because he was sooo deyhrated. Finally they got a vein in his foot and were able to get blood, they told us that he was severely dehydrated and his blood sugar was low and had a fever, he is suppose to be @ 80 and was47. While we waited to get fluids in him I had to lay with him in the bed and hold him while he slept. He was so limp it was terrifying. After we got one round of fluids they took more blood to check his sugar levels and they had gone up to 57 (still not good).
So they told us that we had to go to the banner desert for the pediatrics unit. come to find out that banner gateway doesnt do pediatrics anymore. Go figure our luck that would happen. Since colton had an ivy in we couldnt take him ourselves because it was a liability for the hospital, so me and colton got to take a ride in the ambulance (not a fun experience) Colton was put in carseat then strapped that to the girny. He thought the he was pretty cool, me on the other hand it was hot, bumpy and i couldnt see the road ( i get car sick) so i was dying to get there and get some fresh air. Andrew followed behind us. The ambulance guys were sprinting to the elevator and me prego tried my hardest to keep up with them so colton wouldnt freakout since he didnt know who they were (he has stranger danger issues, sometimes good but mostly annoying).
We got there after 5 1/2 hrs in the ER and got all settled in. We just hungout and and colton didnt do much but sleep and try to eat jello. Poor guy was so hungry but they didnt want him to eat a normal diet until we got things under control so he drank water and juice and jello.
They kept asking us to give a stool sample well the consistancy wasnt where they could get one.
then it was time for bed colton sometimes slept in the bed/crib that they had and me and andrew shared this hard as a rock bed (not good for a prego lady) so needless to say i got like 1 hr of sleep. we were told that the doctor would be in the next morning and wanted to get more blood to check some things and then would be in to talk to us. We got the blood drawn and colton got a toy for being such a good boy, he was really excited. well morning came and gone and the doctor finally showed up round 1. she said that the blood work looked good and would be able to leave by 6 that night. thank goodness we were all so tired and ready to be home in our own beds. coltons needle on his ivy came out and the doctor said it was fine since he was drinking fluids good on his own.
Me and andrew started packing up the room and then colton ended up getting a fever again and then threw up. So the doctor said dont even think about leaving. I was so sad, I started to cry after they left andrew didnt know what to do (he hates when i cry) i was just so tired and warn out and had my mind set on going home. After we got past the shock of not going home we made the best of it and tried hard to get some sleep. this time they gave andrew a cot and me and colton shared the bed. The new nurses said lets try something to catch his stool so they could send it off to the lab. So they made up this weird contraption and were able to get some and said the results would be in the morning. The doctor came in bright and early and said that the results from his lab showed that he had rotavirus. There is no medication to help it, it just has to take its course. She said it normally last 7-10 days and he was at like day 4. So she said just keep him hydrated and he will slowly get his appetite back. We left the hospital and had to disinfect the whole house to get rid of any germs of the virus that were there just in case.
I have no idea where he got this from but i felt like such a bad mom when i saw him there lifeless and not himself. I was a wreck but knew that i had to hold it together and not let him see that i was scared. I think i say like a million prayers. thanks to those who helped us and prayed for us.
Colton is doing so much better he is sleeping a lot but that is good. I hope that we get rid of this virus and never have it come back. i dont think that i could do that all over again. It is contagious to us so we have to be careful as well. lots of hand washing, my hands are already dry but now they are worse. Well sorry for the long post but i had to document our experience. Here are a few pictures of our little man in the hospital.

In his Crib/bed such a sad face

His favorite thing to do chewing on the rails

Trying to get some sleep.

Laying with daddy. They both looked wiped out.