Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fun in the sun!

Last night we celebrated the june birthdays with my family. my parents were in town so we all decided to go to the pool. My sisters have season passes and were able to get us all in for free, Thanks heidi and mindy. Colton had a blast and i am sure we will go again soon. There were slides for adults and kids and then there was a baby slide that colton thought was pretty awesome, it is in the shape of a frog and you slide down his tongue. Colton wanted to keep going and going we finally had to stop and he wasnt to happy about that. Me and andrew went down the big slides and i got a nose full of water, but it was fun. There was also these buckets that would fill up with water and then fall, me and colton got rocked it made my swimsuit come off my shoulder and my hair all in my face, that water comes crashing down on you and it doesnt feel to great but we still had fun. Its always fun to hangout and be with family. Here are a few pictures at the pool.

Lovin his goggles

Daddy and Colton having fun

Mya and mommy just hanging out

Such a cute girl

loves having floaties

Holy moly can we say big hat (its all they had)

Colton going down the frog slide