Friday, June 26, 2009

7 months!

Colton is 7 months. what the heck where has the time gone. he is growing up way to fast. He is such a good baby we just cant get enough of him. His personality is so fun and keeps us laughing. he loves sitting up and playing with his toys, he will fall over sometimes and ends up rolling all over the floor sometimes i am like where is colton it is too cute. he has been so obsessed with our dogs lately that he grabs them and pulls their hair and then they run from him and he also lets them lick his hands and then starts laughing, yuck i know but we wash his hands afterwards. it is a good way for the dogs to get use to him. He hasnt started crawling yet, he hates his tummy when i put him on his tummy he rolls right over to his back and not sure how to fix that but maybe he will go straight to walking. Not much has really changed in the last month he just gets cuter and cuter. we love you colton and cant wait to see you continue to grow.

fell asleep while watching baby einstein

love that face not to sure whats going on

big boy holding his bottle by himself

he loves this toy he thought he was so cool

sweatin to the oldies

happy as can be swinging

He thought that it was cool being in the laundry basket he went nuts!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's day


Andrew is such a great dad. Colton is so luck to have such a loving, caring dad that will do anything for him. I am such a lucky gal to be able to call him my husband. He is everything that i wanted in a father and more. Colton gets so excited when ever he sees daddy, especially when he comes home he is literally jumping for joy and cant stop smiling till daddy comes and gets him. You can just see the joy on andrews face and you can see how much he loves our little man.
He provides for our family so i can stay home with colton and i am truly greatful and appreciate him so much. I love you so much andrew, Happy father's day!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Smith Family gathering

Brother and his family were visiting from china and my sister came from utah. My brother came in thursday and we went the the pointe hotel where he was staying and went to the water park that they have there. i went down the waterslide that goes straight down i was terrified to go but i did and screamed the whole way down, i got the biggest wedgie in the world but it was fun. We then went the following wednesday to my parents house, when i got there no one was there i was ticked but then my dad appeared out of no where and said they went to lyman lake so we got back in the car and off we went to lyman lake, andrew stayed behind and slept he had worked that night before. i got there and it was so windy that after being there for an hour we had to leave but was fun. then we had a bbq, and my mom reserved the pool for our family that night. so we braved the cold water and got in, getting out was a different story it was so stinkin cold, but colton loved it and was having a ball. the next day we went to my parents resort in pinetop and went swimming again and played on the playground and had dinner. colton was not doing so good after swimming he ate his bottle and threw it all up all over him, it was sad. the next day we just hungout. All the kids got snowcones and so i couldnt resist and had to get one to. The weather was so awesome, we would just sit on the back porch and talk. i am glad that we got to go and hangout with my family even andrew had a good time which doesnt happen much since he isnt a fan of saint johns. i love my family and greatful for them all. these pictures are a little out of order.

Sitting watching all the kids play wishing that he could to.

Swimming at that resort with daddy

My mom got those party things that you blow.
colton chewed the paper off of it so i had to take it away
he wasnt to happy about that.

He loves hats so that day he was a fireman

With mommy water park

I had an apple to eat and let colton hold it and
he went nuts and couldnt stop eating it.

My cutest little man

Monday, June 8, 2009

Family reunion

on the swing with mommy

swingin away with daddy

driving the golf cart with grandpa

doesnt that face say it all . he loved the swings

what a cute family.
This past weekend was andrews family reunion. It was so nice to go to his grandparents cabin in pine. the weather was so nice i didnt want to leave and come back to the hot place. we were only there for the day but enjoyed it so much. just hanging out with the family and making jewelry. i am not very good at it but it was fun attempting. Colton of course loved it. he was so cute when him and cousin londyn were holding hands and he was trying to munch on her hand. they were just talking back and forth to each other they were too cute. needless to say it was a nice time while we were there. here are a few pictures of the reunion.