Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Superstition Farm!

We went to superstition farms last Thursday with my sister kim and her little guy mason the admission was free so we took full advantage of it and enjoyed the day with farm animals. We took a hay ride around the farm and got to see all the cows that were there. they had a ton of them and there was also a calf that was born that morning. Colton and Mya couldnt get enough of all the animals colton wanted to pet the cows so bad and tried to feed them but they were more scared of him than anything (poor guy). He tried to feed the massive horsies that were there one piece of hay it was halarious and when one of them ate it he was the happiest person ever, he is obsessed with horsies. Mya saw that brother was doing it so she had to do it also. She got an even smaller piece of hay and tried to give it to them. but she was so short the horse couldnt reach her, but i wasnt going to let her actually feed them her hand would have gotten eaten alive with how small the piece of hay was. We saw the goats, chickens and pig (which they were acustom to since grandma winters has some) and bunnies! We had luch there andgot to taste the ice cream made from the cows milk and was really good. So glad i got to have fun with my kiddos at the farm well worth the trip! here are some pictures of our adventure.

hanging outside the rails on the hayride for a better view

trying to feed the cows but gave up cause they ran away

With cousin mason before the hayride left

Trying to feed the cows

Really wanting the cows to eat the hay

Wanting to feed the horsies

see the 1 piece of hay love it!

On the hayride

cutest kids on the hayride

Looking at the chickens

Loving the goats

Waiting in line to get in

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Family movie!

Last thursday we decided to take the kids to see Cars 2 since we never got a chance to take colton. We went to the dollar theatre and they thought it was pretty cool and of course we liked it cause it was cheap for all of us to get in. They loved the popcorn especially since they got their own tray like big kids. You cant go to the movies without candy it is a must and i brought suckers to give to them once they got crazy. Well it was still crazy regardless. They werent really into this cars for some reason. to be honest i didnt really like it either the first one is way better. I guess the thought that counts right?! Well first off colton had to go potty then mya was not wanting to sit still. back and forth between me and daddy. It got to the point where we had to go out in the hall and run around a bit for mya to be ok to go back in. Needless to say we will do that again but hopefully mya will be better and enjoy the movie better. Here are some pictures of them enjoying their popcorn. I just love mya's picture she is really into saying cheese and i just love it. Also on the way home we stopped to get chicken nuggets from wendys and mya was so tired that she trying to sleep and eat her chicken at the sametime. it was funny she would stop and sleep and then wake up with her eyes closed to take a bit of her chicken it was halarious.