Saturday, August 29, 2009

9 months and growing!

Colton is 9 months. We went to the doctor on thursday and he weighs in at 20lbs 12oz 54th percentile, i think he is losing some weight now that he is mobile. 28 inches tall 41st percentile, head 18inches 63rd percentile he does have a big head but i love it. the doctor says he is doing good and right on track. He is so much fun for us and keeps us laughing. He finally got 1 tooth on the bottom coming in and the the one next to it is right behind, so i have had a cranky baby boy lately. He is all over the place since he crawls now like a champ. He can say mama, dada, his first word was dada. he gives you five when you ask him to, and he is starting to wave but it is backwards for now, but he will get it. He loves climbing onto or over anything especially lyla our dog he loves her so much it is so cute to see him with her and she just sits there and takes it but gets back at him by licking him. If we leave anything open he will go right to it and see what he can get into. He is so much fun and i am glad he is growing to be such a healthy baby boy. We love you Colton.

Colton loves:
-bath time
-his paci
-his puppies
-mommy and daddy
-getting into everything
-his bottle
-the trampoline
-being outside

colton hates:

-the vaccum (cries everytime i get it out)
-getting dressed
-the dogs barking (when he isnt paying attention it freaks him out)
-nap time (he can be a stinker sometimes)
-really loud voices he gets so freaked out

Climbing on his toys

Sitting in his chair watching a movie

He just woke up and his hair was crazy but you cant really tell
but he is so cute!

if you look closely you can see his little tooth

he loves horsies

loving the laundry basket

Getting into our dresser

I love his laugh it is so contagious! hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Going private

So i am jumping on the band wagon and decided to go private. i am wanting it to be only viewed by friends and family. if you want to be added so you can follow the life of the winters just leave your email address.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

24th celebration in saint johns

We went to Saint johns this year for the pioneer celebration. It was so much fun. We got there on wednesday and went straight to my sister aprils house to check out her 2 day old baby, she is so tiny and cute they named her audrey. Andrew was tired after working that night and took a little nap while i hungout with my mom and aprils kids. Thursday we hungout during the day and then that night was the chili dinner and ice cream social, all you can eat ice cream it was the best, but we only got 1 cause the lines were so long. Friday was the kids rodeo, my neices and nephews enter in to do some events. they did the egg toss greased pig and catching the rooster. i didnt get to see them do the greased pig and rooster cause it was at the end i had to go meet with my friend emily who i havent seen in a long time. My aunt and uncles family were at the park where i was with my friend so we went over and joined the party. We talked and had a great time. We ended up playing gogulabonkin (cant spell) it is a lee family game where you have socks rolled up for the ball and you would hit it with your hand and run the bases. Andrew wasnt too sure about it but once he started playing he had fun.
Then that night off to the campfire circle, where everyone parks around this big circle and eats dinner with their families. The homemade ice cream is always the best, and it is always so fun to be with our family, but for some reason we always end up with a pile of dirt in your mouth once the wind started we were out of there. Saturday morning was the parade. Colton had a lot of fun but didnt get any candy but next year he will be old enough to go out there and enjoy it more. All of the floats were good and at the end the fire truck comes and sprays all of those who want to get wet of course all the adults well most of them got way back so they wouldnt get wet. Most of my neices and nephews were soaked. After that we had a lee family lunch at the ramada at the church. There were close to 80 of there so we thought that was the perfect place to do it. My grandma wanted to hold colton and the first thing he did was pull at her necklace, i cant wear them cause he will end up breaking them. He loved her and couldnt stop smiling at her that was a moment to remember. Then we went to round valley to hangout with my bestest friend in the world, she had a tooth infection and was loopy from the drugs (sorry sarah) so she couldnt drive to SJ so we went up there to see her. She played with colton he was having so much fun he loves her, then they took us out to dinner , thanks sarah and sherrod. Then we left sunday morning. It was a jam packed weekend but the weather was perfect and the company was great. Thanks to my mom for letting us stay there, i love going up there to see my parents. I am glad that we had fun as a family. The pictures are out of order. oops

At the parade trying not to get wet

Our family at the rodeo
Me and colton watching the horses

andrew playing gogulabonkin

Colton with the cow crying his eyes out

me and colton after getting away from the cow

daddy and colton at the parade

Our family at the parade

Colton and great grandma lee pulling her necklace

us with my grandma coltons great grandma