Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alligator song!

Mya has been loving singing the alligator song. We sing it at home a lot but we learned it while being in nursery. She does the motion pretty good and looks dang cute doing it! I could just watch her over and over with this video she is jsut too cute!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Playin in the rain!

Yesterday we had an awesome storm. It rained then all of a sudden tons of hail was coming down like crazy. it was a lot of fun to watch and to see the kids have fun. Right when we went outside first thing colton says is mom take off my shirt so i did and he started to run out in the backyard. Of course mya had to be like brother and take her shirt off too. They would take a few steps and get a little wet and then run back in scaredy cats. Colton loved to stand under the water that was falling off the side of the porch. We then looked out front and the road was flooded so we went walking/running in it, it was pretty deep. All of sudden they decide to sit down in it then mya decided to lay down and take a big gulp of water like she normally does in the bath but to her surprise it wasnt that tasty of water. after she did that she looked at me with the face of disgust and could believe she had just done that. they were getting cold so we went in a took a warm bath. We sure enjoyed the rain over here, love these moments with my crazies.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

18 months!

Our pretty pincess is 18 months on sept 11th! we went to the doctor cause we forgot to get her 15 month shots i didnt think that he would let me get shots for her 18 months at the same time but he did. So she got 2 shots in her leg because her arm was still to small for the shots. She didnt like the shots at all on the 2nd one she got a hold of and ended up scartching her leg with the needle, that made her even more mad but got over it really fast! brave little girl. Mya is such a sweet, crazy, drama queen but we just love her little personality. she is ruff and tuff cause her older brother makes her that way. he sometimes get a little ruff with her and doesnt realize that she is still so tiny. She can hold her ground though against him (most of the time). Brotherly sisterly love it is so fun to see them play with each other. Colton is SO protective of her. anyone getting to close or takes anything away from her he makes sure he takes care of it for her. It is seriously so cute but sometimes he gets a little crazy.
Mya talk so much and you can totally understand what she says and wants. i can fully communicate with her and i love it. She is learning new words everyday, she will even say exactly what you said and clearly. Colton didnt talk this well and clear when he was this age. probably cause he didnt have a sibling that talked like he does for mya. either way i love that mya talks a lot and can communicate with each other. She is for sure a big diva and drama queen. if she doesnt get what she wants she throws herself on the floor and looks back to make sure she isnt going to hit her head on anything and then falls all the way down. she is so funny! i just love her spunkyness and how she is not affraid to try anything unlike brother who is a little scared to try new things. She is learning right now how to do a summer salt she gets all the way up and trys to flip her legs over but cant quit get it pretty soon she will.
She loves to play duck duck goose she says duck and really hits you on the head once she does it she starts running she will hopefully get the whole thing soon enough. i love how mya will eat anything i pu in front of her she seriously can eat her brother under the table. she can eat 2 pieces of pizza for reals and still want more. where it goes i have no idea she sure doesnt get her metabolism from me she can thank her daddy for that. I could just go on an on about our little princess but i will stop there for now. We sure love this crazy girl and glad she is a part of our family.

Her stats:
Weight 20.5lbs (6th percentile)
Height 30.5 inches (26th percentile)
head 18.5 inches (69th percentile)

Once again we have a big headed child. she is still so cute with a big head! here are some pictures of the pretty princess herself. we love her!

nigh nigh time with her paci and blankie

Her eyes look a little funny but still stinkin cute

Love to wear potato heads glasses

Loves making noises good thing i dont have a piano

Blue sucker anyone she is obsessed with suckers

I just love her eyes!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Off to cooler weather!

Me and the kids took a trip by ourselves to visit my mom. I must have been crazy to do that alone but it wasnt bad at all. i left friday @ 5:30pm i was a little nervous driving in the dark but it was the easiest trips i had taken with the kids and with andrew there to help me. i just popped in a movie and they were good to go not a peep out of them unless they wanted food or drink. Right after the canyon colton decided it was time to go potty. i pulled off at a little rest area and he watered the weeds. i was so scared i always think the worst when it comes to being dark outside. i was convinced that a man was going to pop out of the bushes and get me. i never buckled coltons seat belt so fast in my life. anyways we then stopped in showlow for another potty break and put on jammies cause they were getting tired and knew they would fall asleep.
We got to grammies and colton was so happy to see her. he yelled grammy it was really cute. we then went bed and i decided to sleep in the same room as them (big mistake) i got some sleep but it was ok.
first thing in the morning colton asked to see the kitties while playing with the kitties he noticed the horsies next door. That became a morning ritual as well go pet the horsies and feed them. They were obsessed with these little kitties. they were 4 weeks old and my mom was having to feed them with a dropper filled with milk and colton helped feed them. It was so cute to see his little face when he got to pick them up to feed them. He would rub his head on their heads and would laugh and of course mya couldnt be left out and had to do it too. Everytime mya would sit down all the kitties would come around her and she didnt like that and would freakout and start kicking her legs i couldnt help but laugh all she had to do was get up but that was to easy right?. we then had lunch at the park with my sister april and played and had fun with cousin audrey. later that day we went and saw my grandma i always love to get to see her and eat all of her cookies. She has this passageway that leads from the bathroom to the laundry room and the kids went through it non stop but everytime i tried to take a picture they wouldnt go through, little stinkers.
Monday my mom was suppose to have a soccer game (she is the coach) but it was sprinkling and we decided we werent going to sit out in the rain and watch it cause the storm looked like it was just beginning. So i took the kids to burger place there and while waiting for our food it was pouring so hard. we waited it out and made a mad dash for the car imagine me holding mya holding coltons hand and our food and a drink it was quit crazy. But LOVED every minute of the rain. We really didnt do much of anything while there except for be out side 90% of the time the weather was awesome. it got a little warm during the day but nothing like here. It would cool off at night and it was cold (well for me anyways) i am a city girl for sure now. i would rather be cold then hot though. On tuesday i kept pushing back the time i was leaving cause i didnt want to leave and i knew telling colton we had to leave was going to be hard. I kept telling him that we have to go home and he said i want to stay with grammy and the kitties. poor guy feel in love with those kitties. We made it home safe and sound and hated being back in the heat. The only thing i missed here was my hubby and my puppies. I want to go back asap!

Some of coltons tricks he thought he was cool

Look at his cute little face so proud

Lots of swinging

Playing with the kitties

Out in the garden picking beans with grammy

Loving the horsies