Thursday, December 23, 2010

Growing up to fast!

Today i took both kids to the doctor for coltons 2yr check up and myas 9 months. I cant believe how fast these 2 are growing up. They are so fun to have around and there is never a dull moment. These 2 kids are inseperable They love each other so much even if colton tries to tackle her sometimes. they are just so good to each other.

Colton is a crazy maniac and loves getting into things he knows he shouldnt. he loves torturing the dogs but then will love on them weird kid. He is very good with his little sister he loves to make her laugh especially when we are in the car he plays peek a boo with her and she just loves it, makes it easy to be in the car. He loves to hold her and feels like such a big boy. He sleeps in a big boy bed and now gets out of it and opens the door and says mom i awake, it is seriously the cutest thing ever, i was so shocked when i heard him open his door all by himself i was thinking where did my baby go. He is such a big helper he wants to help with EVERYTHING sometimes a little to much but i enjoy having a little sidekick. He loves to be outside and now can unlock the sliding door and go run free in the backyard. Colton is such a fire ball but love every bit of him
Colton stats:
weight: 27.5 lbs 44th percentile
Height: 33.5 in 27th percentile
Head: 19.5 in 73rd percentile

A few things colton loves:
Santa from a distance
his little sister
Playing with cousins
being outside
bath time (goes nuts)
eating or should i say my snack monster
toy story
christmas lights

Mya is 9 months yet she looks like she is 4 months. everyone is so shocked when i say how old she is they are like she is tiny. i dont know where she came from, i was so used to a huge chunky baby with colton. but oh well she is petite and i love it! mya is one big DIVA, she is such a girl and spolied rotten. She knows how to melt daddys heart. She is such a good happy baby girl. it doesnt take much to get her to smile. I love her smile and little tongue that sticks out. She loves anything that can go into her mouth, yet she has no teeth i dont know if she ever will. She is army crawling and gets on her knees and really wants to move but doesnt little stinker. she is kinda starting to pull herself up on things but not anything like the couch, oh well she will get it. She is such a mommies girl if someone is holding her and she hears my voice she will search all over for me, its kinda hard but kinda like it at the sametime makes me feel loved. She talks non stop and andrew says she got that from me, what no way! mya is such a fun little girl and love her to pieces.

Myas stats:
Weight: 14lbs 15 oz 1st percentile (will she every get past the 10th percentile seriously)
height: 26 in 6th percentile
head: 17.5 in 60th percentile

A few things mya loves:
bath time she goes nuts like her brother
her brother
eating anything
her jumperoo
yo gabba gabba
her paci
anything you are eating she wants

here are a few pictures of these to wonderful babies. they are my life and i am glad that they are mine. i dont know what it would be like without them. i cherish them and the time i get to spend with them at home and see them grow. I am one lucky mamma and could be more proud to call them my own. Love you both so much!

He got in there while i was switching the laundry

he put on daddys headset and i thought it was so cute

He wanted to eat luch outside so we both did together

seriously so cute

Riding on the push car she thought she was cool

Seriously cutest kids ever! i just love them

Colton and all his animals and freaking out that
sissy was trying to get them

A trip to schnepf farms

We decided to go to schnepf farms. The admission was free so thats the only reason we went. We went first went to see all the animals Colton loved them all and didnt want to leave. Went then went down the slides and took a hay ride to go feed the reindeer. Colton would literally get one piece of hay and try to give it to them the reindeer tried really hard to get it from him but it didnt work out that well, but it was fun to watch him. We then went on the train ride. Colton really loves trains. everytime it would toot its horn he went nuts. I didnt realized how big that place was. there were so many thing to do there. We had a lot of fun with my sister her hubby and cousin mason.

Our family while the train was moving

getting ready for the train

ready for the hay ride

feeding the reindeer

This is funny colton was not happy as you can tell

Our cute little bumble bee

Happy pumpkin!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Birthday Boy!

When he was 1st born

His 1st Birthday

2nd birthday showing off his present

Look at how big he is

Love this kid he is the best

November 26th was coltons 2nd birthday! so crazy how things just fly by, it seems just like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. He is the cutest happiest little boy i have ever met. He is such a big boy and loves being called a big boy he gets really happy when we say that he is such a big boy for doing that. We had a little party for him here at our house, he loved it and had a lot of fun playing with cousins, aunt, uncles and friends. Of course he loved presents, he started screaming presents when i told him it was time to open them. Watching him open them was so cute, his facial expressions just says it all, he was one happy camper.

Things that have happened to colton since he was 1:
Been hospitalized for 3 days
He can talk like no other
got rid of his paci
He became a big brother
He now sleeps in a big boy bed

We love you colton you are such a wonderful big boy!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Family Fun!

Tonight we were all just hanging out having some fun family time. I got colton this truck tent from a garage sale and i knew it would be a hit, not only colton loved it but so did daddy! the top was kinda coming off so i just tore it off and gave the truck a sun roof. Colton wanted daddy to come in the truck with him. He somehow got him to get in. Colton was seriously on cloud nine he started screaming and having a ball. He kept asking daddy to move over but there wasnt any room for daddy to go anywhere, it was funny. I taught him to make the horn sound that those trucks make and he wanted everyone to do it with him. A little while later colton was in there by himself and driving it around and making the horn sound, it was pretty dang cute. Then colton somehow convinces daddy to get in again, i then was doing something in the kitchen and found all three of them in there i started laughing and of course had to take a picture, colton wanted mommy to come in too but there for sure wasnt enough room for all 4 of us. i did get in it earlier when daddy was sleeping. Anyways it was a great night as a family! I sure cherrish these times when i get spend quality time with them, even if it means being in a truck tent. Love my cute little family.

So much fun with daddy!

My precious family

Eating fishies in his tent

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Halloween was a lot of fun this year! colton was a dinosaur and mya was a sweet little ladybug I made some of mya's costume and it was a lot of fun for me (nothing fancy but i had fun).
On saturday we had a family party with all of my sisters and their families. It truely was one of the best parties ever. each family was suppose to have their own game for everyone to play. To start off the festivities we had an eyeball hunt, where you had a pot filled with spagetti noodles and grapes as the eyes and whoever found the most won.
Then it was time to eat dinner, homemade chicken noodles soup, rolls, and salad. It was SO yummy! after that we went outside and played candy corn relay, whoever could fill up their skulls with candy corn first won. We then just hungout and and enjoyed the cool weather and watched the kids play.
We then proceeded to make spiders and witches hands with popcorn in it (of course i had to make them both) but after i was done colton loved the krafts. we then just hungout more and let all of our food and candy settle in our tummies.
Then it was time for the cupcake walk ( i think everyone knows how to play that one so i am not going to explain it, haha). then it was time to clean up and head on home. I am so glad i have my sisters and their families to be around, i am so lucky. Cant wait till next year. here are some pictures of our cute kiddos all in costume. They are a little out of order but oh well.

Our cute little family

The spider i made for colton

The whole crew

Our cute little ladybug

Our handsome dinosaur

Yes that is me in the backround i had to hold mya up

dont you just love him

Such a cutie

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mya is 7 months

My sweet baby girl is 7 months old! she is still a little tiny girl but so dang cute that it doesnt even matter. We went to the doctor today and got 3 shots i hate shots it makes me so sad when she cries. but she did fantastic, colton was such a cute big brother and was trying to help put her paci in her mouth. i can already tell he is watching out for her.
She is for sure a drama queen, everything is so dramatic to her. She is such a huge talker and just rambles on forever. She doesnt like to sit up she scoots her legs right out from underneath her, she would rather be standing or jumping, maybe that means she will be walking sooner, who knows. she can scoot around on her back she pushes off with her heels and away she goes it is funny to watch her. she was wants to crawl so bad if i but a toy out of her reach she trys her little heart out to get it she becomes very focus tongue out and all.

I could just go on and on about her. she is the sweetest baby girl and we are lucky to have her.
her stats are:

Weight- 14lbs 13oz (7th percentile)
height- 24.5 inches (4th percentile)
head- 17 inches (58th percentile)
i know all of you are laughing cause thats the only thing right now she has going for her. big heads seem to run in the fam. We love you princess!

Cutest thing ever i love her smile

wow can we say focused

loves her food and loves to wear it

Chews on anything she can

I seriously love this picture

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yuck rice cereal!

On august 18th we tried our first attempt with rice cereal. She ate it like it was the best thing on earth, she must have been hungry cause everytime i took the spoon away to get more she would freak out. Well we tried it again to see what she would do and boy was it the opposite from the night before. She gagged everytime i put it in her mouth. She even did the body shake thats how bad it was. Me and andrew couldnt help but laugh so hard, it was funny. I hope she will transistion to food easily, colton did so lets keep our fingers crossed. We love this little bundle of joy she is so sweet.

Happy after we got all the cereal out of her mouth

Just being cute

I dont know about this mom

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mya is 5 months

Our sweet baby girl is 5 months old already! We got her 4 month shots and stats yesterday due to the doctor being so busy with school starting and everyone wanting to get in. Oh well, she did so good with the shots. she didnt even cry till the 2nd shot, the nurse was surprised at how good she was. she loves to grab at anything she can get her little hands on, i love when she cuddles with me and grabs and touches my face its like she is making sure i am there (well thats what i think anyways). she cannot roll over probably cause she hates to be on her belly (so did her brother) guess it runs in the family. She can talk your ear off and is laughing like crazy. She loves when brother makes her laugh but hates it when he scares her (which happens a lot). she LOVES her jumperoo she thinks she is pretty cool but has to make sure you are always watching her. Her big brother loves her and loves to give kisses, it is so cute to watch. We are so lucky that she came into our family and cant wait to see her continue to grow into this adorable baby girl!

Her stats:
12lbs 15oz (15th percentile)
24in long (16th percentile)
head 16in (20th percentile

We have a little peanut on our hands, we arent use to this colton at this age was over 17lbs. But the doctor says she is doing good so i am not worries at all. Mommy, daddy and big brother love you baby girl!

kisses from brother she was laughing so hard

Hello people i am here

Love this smile

In her jumperoo

Look at that face so sweet!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Off to grammies house we go!

I was able to go and spend sometime with the kids at my moms house for 2 weeks, yes i said 2 weeks. My brother and his family came from china so i thought i would spend some time with them at my parents house, it was a lot of fun but i am glad to be back in my own bed and get back into a routine. The kids had a blast. We lived outside a good majority of the time. Colton was in love the with the kittys that that my mom had. He would say meow and pointed outside, of course we had to go and see if they were in sight to pet them. Every morning he woke up so early so it was our morning tradition to go see the meows. He loved it and so did i, anything to see him happy makes me happy. It was so nice for colton to have someone play with him and just love on him. My nephew stephen just played with him a lot and colton thought that he was pretty cool to hangout with the big boys. Coltons vocabulary sky rocketed while we were there he says pretty much anything you say, i love it my baby boy is growing up so fast.
The following week was the 24th of july pioneer celebration. Andrew was able to come and spend the week with us and it was nice to have daddy with us. andrew was able to play in the basketball tournament with my cousin. He had fun but was really tired after playing each day. but i am glad there was something for him to do. He hates going to saint johns he is to much of a city boy to enjoy the small town. Colton has become obsessed with horses my moms neighbor has horses in the pasture behind their house and colton had to go and see them as much as he could. at the rodeo he would see a horse and bolt to the fence to see them running by him. At the parade saturday morning there were tons of horses and he about jumped out of my arms to go get them but he would have gotten trampled. We got candy a little wet from water balloons being thrown at us but he had so much fun. Mya and andrew stayed sitting in the shade to keep cool, but it was still a ton of fun.
We did lots of things to keep busy, plenty of water sliding, playing basketball, swimming, bouning around in the bounce house my mom has,and just hanging out in the cool weather. I didnt want to come back to this heat and not being able to go outside, it was ruff for colton he just got so used to being outside and now we cant stay out longer than a few minutes without roasting oh well not much we can do about it. I am so glad we got to spend that time with my mom and for my kids to see their grammie and papa. Being with family is the best thing on earth, i am so lucky to have them in my life. here are some pictures of the trip they are out of order i am to lazy to fix them.

Pretty girl

My sister in law sunghee with the kids

Daddy and the kids at the parade

collecting candy

Mason and colton enjoying bathtime

Water anyone

Baby girl hanging out

Watching brother get excited about the horsies

Colton at the rodeo obsessing over the horse

Stopped for a picture while in the bounce house

Daddy helping him ride the bike

Playing with the hose one of his favorite things
to do while we were there.

My cute baby boy