Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy 1st birthday to my turkey baby!

My little man turned 1 on thanksgiving this year! He has been such a joy and a blessing to have in our family. He is such a good baby and we love every bit of him. I have been lucky to be able to stay home with him and enjoy seeing him grow and learn new things. He has grown and changed so much since the day he arrived. He is such a daddys boy and is a spitting image of his daddy. He is constantly surpriising us with new things, sounds, and noises that he comes up with and loves to repeat them until he gets you to do it with him.
He is good at keeping us laughing, the things he comes up with are hilarious. He loves chasing his puppies around the house and bugging them to no end. He is into everything, you cant leave anything out or he is right there to pick it up and run away from you cause he knows you are going to take it away.
For his birthday party we had both sides of our family there and my parents were able to be here for it too. it is always so fun when family gets together. I setup a scavenger hunt for all the kids and by the end they were so tired but they got a bag of candy at the end so it was worth it. after that we opened presents and he got lots of elmo toys a truck and some clothes. he wanted me to open each one as we opened them. he loved especial his elmo dolls he walks all over the house holding both of them, if you ask him where his elmo is he looks for it and gets excited when he finds it. He loves to sleep with them and cuddle it is so cute. then we sang happy birthday and he wasnt to sure what was going on but daddy had to help him blow out the candle. I made an elmo cake and it turned out pretty cute but will never do it again to much work. We cut a pice off and stripped colton down to his diaper and let him at it. Oh boy did he love it he was stuffing it in like it was going to run away, it was fun to see him enjoy it. It was a great party cant wait till next year when he can realize whats going on a little better.
Colton we love you and are very excited to see you keep growing into a wonderful little boy. Happy Birthday Mommy and Daddy love you so much.
Here are a few pictures of him through the year they are a little of order.

His stats:
weight: 21lbs- 25th percentile
height: 28.25- 9th percentile
head cir: 18.25- 50th percentile

so he hasnt grown very much but the doctor says he is doing good, so that makes us happy.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Holy Cow!!

on the tractor with cousins

he actually kept that on, he looks so cute

from a distance colton liked the cows this time

Waiting for the hay ride.
My sisters and i took the kiddos to the some dairy farm (couldnt tell ya the name) all you had to bring was 2 cans of food and you got in free. it was fun to see colton just looking at all the animals and point at them. When we first got there we went straight to the hay ride. we waited a little bit but got on really fast well we were the 1st ones in line. They gave a little backround of the farm and talked about all the cows, there were a ton of them. Colton loved it and kept standing up to see them all. there was even a calf that was born that morning and we got to see it. it was fun to hangout with my sisters and colton to be with his cousins.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


he's thinking get me out of here.

getting scared

colton and cousin londyn at winters halloween party

love him

He's coming to get you.haha

My ferocious tiger

Halloween this year was Coltons first halloween! he was the cutest tiger on the block. He even let out a couple of roars at my sister, i was dying laughing. we went to my sisters trunk or treat with tons of my family. He was a stinker at first then we let him walk and he was good. He wasnt to sure what to think with everyone in costumes but still had fun. He got some candy and kindly gave to mom and dad. next year will be a lot more fun cause he will hopefully be into a little more. hope everyone had a good halloween.

Baby # 2 is a.........

We found out Oct 28th (my birthday) that yes we are having a little baby girl! it was the perfect birthday present ever i was the happiest person on earth at that moment. We couldnt be more excited! This whole time i wanted a girl so bad but i would have been happy with whatever we were given just as long as they were healthy. Andrew kept saying that colton was going to have a baby brother but i said sister. well sure enough i was right. i went into the ultrasound preparing myself if it was another boy so i could still be excited (bad i know). but when she said its a GIRL i had a tear in my eye i was so excited and andrew was shocked, colton just smiled like he knew the whole time. andrew says now it is time to buy guns, she isnt even here yet and he is already freaking out. well he will be a protective daddy and i know that colton will be a protective big brother. Pictures to come i cant figure out how to put them on here yet.

11 months

love that face!

stuck under the chair trying to get out but never can

he stuffed this ball in his mouth and couldnt get it out

thinks he is super cool with moms glasses

Colton was 11 months Oct 26. He is growing in so many ways. his personality is so cute and developing and is a happy baby. He is a walking fool now! he is all over the place and is really good at it, but he doesnt know how to get back up by himself once he falls but i know that he will get it, i just have to give him time. He is getting into everything and is sometimes hard to keep up with him. he is all over the place and is loving that he can walk. I love that when andrew is unlocking the front door coming home from work colton walks as fast as he can to greet him and gets so excited and waits at the gate for daddy to come get him, it is such a precious sight to see. he loves daddy so much he is constantly saying daddy and goes looking for him. he is such a daddys boy. i cant believe that my little man will be 1 on thanksgiving, yep thats right his birthday is on thanksgiving. we are so proud of colton and all the he has accomplished. we love you baby boy.