Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My other baby!

Ever since we have brought mya home colton has become quite jealous of her. He climbs in her swing, bouncers and bassinett and thinks he is the baby. He is determined to be the baby still. Granted he is only 16 months and really still is a baby he wants to still be called the baby. Hopefully he will get over that and still know that we love him regardless that mya is around. It is challenging having 2 kids but it is getting better. Just trying to get into somewhat of a schedule well if you can call it that is hard. But colton is getting better with her and loves her a lot more than when he first saw her. He cant wait to see her in the morning he runs right over to her and wants to kiss her hair, i dont know why he does that but i think he likes the way her hair feels on his lips, weird i know but it is cute to see him love on her. He tries to help me burp her while i am feeding he pats her back and then laughs cause he thinks he is so cool and such a big helper (which he is) he loves to throw away her poopy diapers and then will give me a high five and then knuckles it is too cute. We love our crazy bug.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1 month old!

My little angel is 1 month old! i cant believe how fast time flies. She is such a joy to have in our home. colton is such a good big brother but gets jealous a lot when i am feeding Mya and holding her instead of him. I sometimes feel like i dont spend enough time with him but once i fully get a grasp on having a new baby, having 2 kids to take care of i will get better at being a good mom. Mya is soo sweet and precious. She is always laughing and smiling in her sleep. I always wonder what they think and dream about at this age. she is still a small little peanut but is growing each day and beautiful as can be. We are so happy to have her a part of this family we are truly blessed to have such wonderful babies. we love you mya and cant wait to see what you can do next. i realized that most of these pictures are of her sleeping, but that pretty much what she does and loves to do right now. Love you baby girl.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend!

Easter was fun this year cause colton knew a little more about what was going on. We went up to heber for my moms 60th birthday party. It was so much fun we rented a huge cabin that was able to fit all 37 of us and it had a lot of things to do there. i spent a lot of it inside cause i didnt want Mya to get sick cause it was cold there. But i was able to capture a lot of fun moments. There was a zip line that all the kids couldnt get enough of, even my mom went down it that was funny to see her going down it i think she even screamed, what a fun mom and grammy. That night we played family feud the in laws against the smith family, And we lost boohoo! but it was so much fun it got heated a few times but we had a blast.
Colton and andrew spent a lot of time playing on the playground and in the sand volleyball court and just running around. He loved it cause he was able to be outside a lot and had open range. Everyone just loved him and how happy and how he smiled all the time. i am so glad to have such happy babies. saturday morning was an early one for us mya woke up at 4:30 to eat which woke up colton so he was alive and wasnt about to go back to sleep. So we let daddy and Mya sleep while we went and played with the neices and nephews that we awake and they just loved to play with colton. colton is lucky to have such wonderful cousins who get on his level and could just play with him for hours. A few hours later (well a lot later) we had the egg hunt. Colton was so excited to get the eggs but wanted to eat each one as we went but he did a good job. Mya was a good baby let anyone hold her and slept a lot so she didnt really do much. We had to leave after lunch cause andrew had to work that night. We had so much seeing family that we havent seen in a long time, and also a shout out to my amazing mom we love you and happy 60th birthday!
We went to andrews moms on sunday and just hungout with his family, watched conference, and ate a ton of food. I just love spending time with family. Hope everyone had a great Easter! here are a few pictures of the weekend.

My sleeping bunny

Not the best family snap shot

Playing with the hula hoops

My little bunny is up to something

all the grandkids

he found an egg

Just cute as can be

Loves the swings