Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crazy Colton!

Our crazy Little man is 16 months. He is so much fun to have around our home. He is into EVERYTHING like always and is a typical boy. He is such a good big brother, every morning when he wakes up and sees his sister he gets so excited and wants to hold her and kiss her it is so cute to watch. He is learning that he has to be soft with her and is doing really good. He will come and sit next to me and eat a snack while i feed sister he thinks he is pretty cool when he does that (i think he likes the snack more than anything.)
He is alway keeps us laughing it is never a dull moment with this crazy maniac. He loves to flirt with any girl he sees and is always so happy. For some reason every night he comes really alive and is crazy, he will chase around our dogs and think that it is the funniest thing in the world he laughs so hard that you cant help but laugh with him. He is really obsessed with airplanes, he will stop whatever he is doing and point up in the air when a plane goes by. When we go on walks and they fly over us he gets so happy and waves to them as they go by.
He loves to help me with whatever i am doing especially the dishes. He loves to throw away baby sisters diapers and helps with the laundry and his new thing is sweeping he thinks its pretty awesome when i let him have it and goes to the kitchen and pushes it around. Everytime i have to change his diaper i say lets change your bum and he runs to his room waiting for me and also for bed i say lets go nigh night and he runs to his bed. Everytime he hears the bath he is trying to strip off his clothes, once we help him he runs naked to the bath and trys to jump in. I just love this little man to pieces i could go on and on about him he is just so fun. Here are some pictures of him crazy as always.

Loves chocolate

Looking at the airplanes go by

Climbs in everytime it is open

Getting crazy with leftover brownie mix

Thursday, March 25, 2010

2 weeks already!

Today my little princess is 2 weeks old! She is such a good baby and is doing good. Since she isnt really doing much since eating, sleeping and pooping all over me, she is such a joy to have in our home besides all the sleepless nights. I love all the noises she makes and smiles and laughs. Colton is such a cute big brother he loves her now and wants to hug and kiss her all the time. Sometimes he is a little ruff but that will get better. She went to the doctor today and her stats are:

Weight: 6lbs 7oz (5th percentile)
height: 19 1/2 inches (20th percentile)
Head: didnt get the measurement but (13th percentile)

So i am not use to seeing these numbers. I am used to seeing through the roof numbers, colton was such a big baby and mya is so itty bitty. but i guess that it is a good thing right. We are so lucky and blessed that we have this sweet baby girl in our home, we all just love her to pieces. well here are just a few pictures of our little girl.

Sun bathing getting rid of jaundice

Colton thinking he is cool holding sister

Her favorite thing to do SLEEP!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mya Ann Winters

SHE IS HERE! Our little princess made her debute into the world. Mya Ann Winters was born March 11th @ 7:04pm weighing in @ a whopping 6lbs 5oz and 19 1/2 inches long she was born @ 37 weeks and 1 day.
This delivery was a walk in the park, it was wonderful and fast. It was so fast it seemed like we blinked and out she came. I went into my doctor that day and i was dialated to a 4 plus. So my doctor told me to go walk the mall and then go to the hospital after that and she will let them admit me. So off to the mall we went and ate lunch and walked into the hospital. We waited for what seemed like eternity to get us a room, but finally we did @ almost 5. They got me all hooked up and ivy in and pitocine started, and then i started to feel the contractions i felt like i was going to die, i dont know why anyone would want to feel that pain. After i got that i was much better, i couldnt feel a thing (with colton i felt it when he came out). Right after the epidural was done and couldnt feel anything the nurse checked me and i was @ a 5. Then 20 min later my doctor came in and checked me and i was a 9. Wow that was fast (was i really ready for this) i was a little nervous but i had to be ready cause she was coming. At that point i called andrews mom and told her i was a 9 and she said we are coming and hung up on me. Luckil they dont live to far. My doctor said are you ready she is right there and my mother in law wasnt there so we waited a few minutes for her to come into the room. I told her if i was in pain i wouldnt have waited. So i started to push and was half way through and she said stop cause her head was out and needed to suction her mouth and nose. After that i did another half push and out she came.
When colton met her for the first time he tried pushing her away and whined a little he wanted nothing to do with her at all. he seemed like he was mad that we left him for so long or it was a different place for him to be in. But now he is so cute with her when he sees her he gives her a big kiss and cant keep his hands off of her, sometimes he is a little ruff but he is getting better. We are so blessed to have this miracle come into our home. She is so cute and sweet and lucky that she came to our family.