Thursday, October 2, 2014

Phone dump of random pictures

         Doing chores

 Holding new baby cousin Brantley

   Cuddling with baby brother

 Helping older cousins make cookies

Coolest power ranger around 

      He loves ice cream

hot while watching brother play tball

Tball not a fan of this sport. That pretty much explains how the season went.

Nothing like a good back tickling session 

Hanging out in our Halloween costume from last year.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Smith family reunion 2013

This summer was our family reunion and we went to flagstaff rented a huge beautiful house. I didn't get tons of pictures but we had a blast.

 We weren't to far from slide rock so we packed up and off we went. Noooot a good idea when you are pregnant. We were having fun until Colton got caught in a current and away he went floating. My sister tried to get him but couldn't get him so I did what any mother would do and go after him. Of course I slip fall and land on my back and was able to get in and get Colton. It was the scariest thing ever, his face was so scared and I felt horrible. Thank goodness he could swim cause he was able to fight the current keep his head up so I could reach him. I was really sore after that and scared something might have happened to the baby but I laid down and later felt that there wasn't anything to be worried about. Other than that we had a ball being with family and making memories. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

4th of July 2013

We love the 4th of July. It means family get together, BBQ, swimming and fireworks. We also got glow sticks and swam with them once it got dark. I love spending time with my family making memories. Happy 4th of July!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cashing in

Colton and mya cashed in their change and to my surprise they had quit a bit of money. They were so excited to pour the money into the counting machine. Colton ended up with $25 and mya had almost $40. We paid tithing and then they saved some and of course got a toy. Love teaching them the value of a dollar and teaching them about tithing. Now when we turn in tithing into the bishop Colton always calls them tithing instead of the bishop. Haha so funny! 

Pregnancy surprise 2013

I failed to mention that in may we found out we were Prego with baby number three. It was a shock but once that wore off we were thrilled. We are so excited to bring this girl/boy into our family. Colton and mya are so excited!

2013 summer fun

Lots of fun things we have done this summer. We love to build forts. Free summer movies is always a must. First time doing swimming lessons and they did great and were swimming with in 2 weeks, best decision to put them in it. They turned into little fishies.  We love hanging out with great grandpa, friends and early morning trips to the park cause it's hot and mom loves to garage sale early, haha!  Fun summer!

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Whenever we get rain it's always a blessing cause we are always in need of it. So this day my cute kids wanted to bust out their umbrellas and go stand in it. Now we don't go and play in the rain anymore since our house got struck by lightening, haha. Sorry kids but I love you more than playing the rain. Mean mom

Dance camp 2013

Mya had her first dance camp. She was so excited that it was just for her. She was there for a week 3hrs a day. She loved packing her lunch for dacnce. I wanted to see if she liked dance before we found something to put her in, I knew she would love it and she did. She was adorable doing her recital. She felt super special that she got flowers after her dance. Love my tiny dancer!

Don't know if it gets any cuter than her.

Getting her participation ribbon

Flowers from brother

Love my cute family!

Preschool 2012-2013

Colton's first year of preschool has come to an end. He loved school and even more loved his teacher. She is amazing,loving and the best teacher. These pictures are of the first day and last day of school. Wow he is growing up so much. Love this handsome boy!

Building a temple

Colton got his blocks out and built this great building. He comes into me and says mom look what I built and I asked him what is it. He told me it's a temple. It warms my heart that he loves temples so much to build his own. Guess I am doing something right.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Neon splash dash

Me and my sister did another run together. It sure is a lot of fun getting the chance to do these wit her. The last neon run we did we were disappointed that we didn't glow really at all at the end of the  race. So this run we hoped we would glow under the black lights and we weren't disappointed this time. Glad I get to do these and grateful for a body that allows me to do these runs even though I am not fast they are still fun!

Before being sprayed 

And after. My sisters face is awesome. Fun times!

Ride em cowgirl

A little obsessed much? She needs a horse don't ya think? Poor brother, daddy and our dog lyla will have to do for now.

1st season of Tball

Colton had his first season of tball. He loved it and did great. He had his friend beck on his team which was fun. I love going to watch my kids and see what sports they like the most. Go Colton! 

Yep thats my kid jumping up and down on 2nd base at practice.

Batter up

Seriously way too cute!

Received his metal. Look at that hair

Team picture

Monday, May 5, 2014

Easter 2013

We had a lot of egg hunts this year. First started with our community egg hunt. They had the Easter bunny come and he was a little on the scary side but they still loved it. Then it was Andrews family party in the morning with yummy breakfast food and hanging with family and of course an egg hunt. Then we had my family egg hunt and dinner at the park and of course we can't have Easter without a good old game of kickball.  I am truly grateful for my savior and all that he did for me. Love Easter and the meaning behind it.

Scary Easter bunny

Cutest little bunnies around

Cousin bakers face on the very right side is priceless. Haha!