Monday, July 25, 2011

Pioneer day celebration 2011!

We were able to go to saint johns for the 24th of july pioneer days! we always enjoy this time with family and seeing old friends. We got there on tuesday afternoon and decided to enter in the volleyball tournament. Me, andrew my sisters, brother, neice and nephew were all on the team. We had quit the cheering section there for us. We didnt play all that well the 1st game and got spanked but after that we did pretty good and i think we were underestimated a little bit but we had fun. tuesday was the round robin to place everyone, there were 13 teams and we placed 5th. we were pretty proud of ourselves. Wednesday was the actual tournament and we did pretty good but we lost twice and that took us out we stayed in it for a while.I dont know what place we ended up being in after all said and done but we enjoyed doing and glad we did.
Thursday we just hungout and played outside in the nice weather. We went to visit my grandma and she bought us all pizza and the younger kids play a family game that we all love so much. It was kinda hot but always would rain and cool it all off. We went to the ice cream social that night at the park and ate as much free ice cream as we could. later that night we had a bondfire in my mom's backyard. All of the kids loved it and were able to roast some marshmellows. The older kids played sardines while my sister and brother were pyros and played with the fire. Talking and having a good time with my family is always fun.
Friday we just hung around again and the kids just played with my moms little kittys she had. colton didnt like them at first and finally became ok with petting and then holding them. the first thing in the morning when we woke up was mom i want to see the kittys. We went to the park to have lunch and played kickball it was a lot of fun as always. We then went to the campfire circle where there is a huge circle and everyone parks and eats and you walk around talking to everyone you know. There was a family next to us that was giving out cotton candy so of course we got some and colton wasnt to sure about it but mya was all over (no shocker there). My sister took colton and some of the other kids to track down the horsies that were there and thats all he wanted to do was track them down to pet them. he is so obsessed with horsies right now.
i went to bed early that night cause in the morning i was running my 1st 10k. I was so scared and nervous. It was VERY hard to run in the altitude change i thought my throat was going to close up. But after a while it was better. There were so many hills and inclines that i was of course not used to either so it was a little difficult process but i did have to stop a few times but at least i did it. my time was 1hr 17min and 30sec. not my best time but thats ok. i am proud that i stuck to the goal i had and finished it.
After i came home from that we had to get ready for the parade. It was hotter than usual but colton was ready with his grocery bag to get some candy. mya didnt know what to think about us standing in the street waiting for candy but she was loving the freedom to run around. After that we had lunch and had a party for the april, may, june and july birthdays. we ended up leaving sunday morning. it was a lot of fun and glad we got to spend it together as a family. sleeping in 1 room with all 4 of us was intersting too. i was happy to be home but sad to leave the cooler weather and time with family. until next year!

Loving the slip and slide

Jumping in the bounce house

Never to big for the exersaucer!

eating while watching us play kickball

Mommy and mya at the parade!

Showing us his candy

Watching the parade

Watching the horsies go by

Daddy and mya!

Waiting for some more candy

Family photo at the parade

Loving the cotton candy, love mya's face in this one

She loved the cotton candy

Not to sure about it all he wanted to do was hold it

Family shot at the campfire circle

Love him

Playing the piano

eating his roasted marshmellow

Roasting his marshmellow he want to sure about it

He went down the slide everytime like this

and this is how mya went down everytime

Friday, July 8, 2011

Our 4th of July!

Our 4th of july was a lot of fun with the kids and family! we just layed low for the morning and went to my sister kim's house after the kids woke up from their naps. My brother and his family are visiting from china and we were able to have them here to celebrate with us. we did lots of swimming and had a BBQ. Colton is such a little fish. even though he has tons of floaties on he can still swim good i just have to take extra precaution i just dont want anything bad to happen to him. He loves to pretend like he is sleeping while floating he is a character. I think it is funny how he is scared at first of the water but then comes alive and will swim forever and have so much doing it. Mya is such a daredevil she always wanted to be swimming with the big kids and going down the slide and jumping off the side of the pool. i love how she is so adventurious. anything anyone else does she wanted to try it.
I love spending time with my family and having tons of fun! We were going to go to the fireworks by my sisters house but mya was one cranky tired girl and i figured it wouldnt be that much fun with her and it was past her bedtime. So we drove home and i knew that schnepf farms fireworks started later so i knew we wouldnt miss them. We put mya to bed and waited for the fireworks to start and this dust storm took over and we had to go inside and wait. It seemed like it took forever for them to start so i put colton to bed and then looked out our front yard and sae them going off so i woke colton up and went and sat outside and watched them he like it at first but then the wind picked up and he was scared of the noises the trees were making so we went back inside and put him back inside. He was affraid of the sparklers so we used a total of 2 sparklers what a waste oh well not much you can do now. It was a fun day and glad i got to spend it with my little family and my brother and sisters.
i am greatful for this country we live in and all the freedom we have. Hope everyone had a good 4th of July!

Little swimmer!

Mya is always eating or drinking something!

i think she drank half the pool

This is a classic colton move! floating while pretend sleeping

Cupcakes anyone?

Wide awake driving home

Mya on the other hand was a little sleepy

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer movie fun!

We have been going to the summer movies a lot this summer and the kids love it! sometimes it is more than a hassle to get them ready to go but it is nice to get out of the house every week. Colton has become quit the movie watcher and loves being in the theatre. Everytime we walk into the theatre he says wow mom look at that. He tries to act like he doesnt need a booster seat but then shortly after he realizes he does. You can tell on his face that he feels like such a big boy. Mya does pretty good but gets a little ant her pants and cant sit still towards the end. But if she has popcorn she is pretty good throughout the whole thing. Besides colton going potty 3 times it is so worth and fun for us to go together. I love being able to spend time with my kids. They are the sweetest kids ever and i am so lucky they are mine. Here is just a few pictures of our adventure. The 1st picture took me like 10 times to get them both to look. colton would say sissy look at mom and she would always look at him when i snapped the picture. finally i got one and they look so cute!

Seriously cutest kids ever! i love them so much

We always have to stop at the race cars and take them for a spin

She thought she was so cool!