Sunday, March 27, 2011

Smith family Fun!

My brother came into town from china with his family because they bought a home here and stayed for a week and a half. My sister came from utah minus her hubby he had to work but come to find out he had sat sun and monday off he was so sad that he couldnt come, my other sister and brother who live in saint johns also came along with my parents, all 41 of us were together.

we started the family fun off on friday night with the adult dinner. We are the worst people to decide where to eat. first it was joes bbq but not as many people wanted that so we took a vote either olive garden or joes bbq. it was tied 7 wanted joes and 7 wanted olive garden, my mom was the deciding factor and she chose olive garden. so off we went but with such a large party of 15 wasnt going to be that easy to get in fast it was suppose to be like an 1 1/2 wait. we tried calling other places and pretty much was the same we kept going back and forth should we just go to joes. but we figured by the time we got there it would have been the same time for us to get into olive garden. So we finally decided to stay. it was a lot of fun with everyone we sure kept that place a rockin we are always so loud when we are all together.

Next day we had a family bbq at the park by my sister heidis house for jan, feb and march birthdays. we had a scavenger that my mom always does for the kids and then we split up the teams for our annual kickball game. It was the champions vs destroyers we had a so much fun and all the kids had a blast. We played for a long time but we enjoyed every minute of it, but someone always gets hurt when you are having fun, my brother in law bruce slid into home and got his finger caught on home plate and tore his finger nail back and was bleeding a lot but he was ok just some bandages and he was good to go. After that we started the food on the grill and opened presents for those who had a birthday. We had lots of yummy food and ate till we were going to explode or at least i did.

On tuesday we went to Bounce U it is a place where they have slides obstacle courses and fun stuff we had pizza and just had a ball. Colton thought it was pretty fun he kept saying i went to the bounce house. he went down the slides and climbed on the obstacle courses by himself he was so proud. He also got to play air hockey for his first time and he was having a lot of fun with that. mya just crawled around and played with the balls they had there. My 2 brothers got in the boxing ring with these huge gloves on and were pounding each other and were tired after just a few minutes what a bunch of oldies, haha. We just hungout the next few days at his house and let the kids play colton loves playing with the older boys. I love getting to spend time with all of my family we always have such a great time. these are the moments i feel so blessed to have my family! cant wait to the next smith family fun! here are some pictures of the family fun



Watching all the craziness

Basketball anyone

My crazy brothers

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our pretty princess turned 1!

Mya turned 1 on march 11th! All i can say right now is where did the time go? it went to fast thats for sure. Mya has been such a wonderful baby and we couldnt be any happier to have her in our little family. She is a mommies girl like no other and sometimes it is out of control. if someone else is holding her and she sees me she will either cry or do a sad face and try to come to me, i love it but sometimes i need a break. She does NOT walk yet, she is so lazy. But she will get it soon enough. I know that colton wants her to run and play with him so bad. But they do tackle each other and she can hold her ground it is quit funny, sometimes colton screams to get her off.
Mya loves to talk and dance. you say mya dance and she bounces around she thinks she is dancing i love it! She still has no teeth but i think some are working their way in now. it is crazy how different my 2 babies are. She is small but the biggest drama queen ever and very spoiled.

Words she can say:
whats that
uh oh

she can also
wave bye bye
clap her hands

Her stats:
16lbs 9 oz (1st percentile)
head 18 in (70th percentile)
length 27.5 (9th percentile)

She is very small and petite and i love it! she is such a joy to have around here and cant wait to continue to see her grow. We love you pretty princess! Here are some pictures and they are out of order cause i am too lazy to fix them.

Her blessing day!

Look at those cheeks

They day we took her home from the hospital

Eating her cupcake at her party (she had 2 of them)

Love her face!

Her cute smile and outfit at her party

Birthday donut!

Prettiest baby girl