Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Christmas!

Our christmas was a lot of fun this year. Colton knew what was going on and loved every minute of it. To start off our christmas this year we had a christmas party a few weeks before christmas. It a lot of fun as usual. We made these cute reindeer and santa with nutter butter cookies. colton only liked the candy so i made them for him, and they tasted so good. anyways then santa made a visit. Colton only likes santa from a distance so of course he freaked out, but then shortly realized that it was andrews dad and started yelling grandpa it was pretty funny. Then we had a white elephant exchange for the adults and kids it was fun seeing everyone go after each others gifts.
christmas eve we were at andrews parents house, we had lots of yummy food and treat and hung out and had a bond fire outside. colton wasnt digging the fire and neither was mya. We then opened or jammies from grandma and grandpa, i love this tradition! then it was time to get the kids dressed in jammies and went home to wait for santa. while i was finishing wrapping presents my best friend sarah came over for a visit it was nice to catch up i love her and wished she lived right next door to me. While they were here we got a knock at the door and there was some pretty awesome gifts for us that we were in need of. I wanted to cry but held it in i didnt want to look like a weirdo. Whoever it was i sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart it was an act of giving thats for sure you will be blessed.
Christmas Day colton woke up early and wanted to eat and i tried to tell him santa came but he was more interested in eating first. After he was done we went and woke up daddy so he could see colton open his presents. Mya was still asleep and i was not about to wake her up nore did she even know what was going on. Colton went straight for his tricycle and truck. when he opened each present he wanted to play with them right at that moment, so unwrapping presents took him a while. He got a woody that he loves so much and some cars trucks and thomas the train and the movie car stuff. He was in heaven and didnt know what to do with all these new toys. we only got mya a doll since she didnt know what was happening, she loved to eat her face.
I am greatful for the true reason we celebrate christmas, i love that colton is slowly learning about jesus. i am greatful for the gospel in my life and what it has taught me so i can pass it onto my kids. i am greatful for my family and friends for all they have done for me. I am truly blessed with a wonderful little family. I am so happy i get the opportunity to be a mommy to these 2 sweet little babies and a wife to my husband. Life couldnt get any better. Hope everyone else had a great christmas. Here are a few pictures of our christmas that are out of order of course.

Mya trying to steal his gun

obssessed with trucks (he is a true boy)

All of his loot

His woody costume he got from one of our friends and he got a
buzz too but wasnt into wearing it
neither was he for woody, but we made him.

colton fit into this at a month old and mya is 9 months
they were such opposites

his woody he got, he loved him

Mya eating her dolls face

mya opening her doll

His guitar from my parents

Some of neices and nephews with santa (colton freaking out cause he was close to santa)