Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Off to grammies house we go!

I was able to go and spend sometime with the kids at my moms house for 2 weeks, yes i said 2 weeks. My brother and his family came from china so i thought i would spend some time with them at my parents house, it was a lot of fun but i am glad to be back in my own bed and get back into a routine. The kids had a blast. We lived outside a good majority of the time. Colton was in love the with the kittys that that my mom had. He would say meow and pointed outside, of course we had to go and see if they were in sight to pet them. Every morning he woke up so early so it was our morning tradition to go see the meows. He loved it and so did i, anything to see him happy makes me happy. It was so nice for colton to have someone play with him and just love on him. My nephew stephen just played with him a lot and colton thought that he was pretty cool to hangout with the big boys. Coltons vocabulary sky rocketed while we were there he says pretty much anything you say, i love it my baby boy is growing up so fast.
The following week was the 24th of july pioneer celebration. Andrew was able to come and spend the week with us and it was nice to have daddy with us. andrew was able to play in the basketball tournament with my cousin. He had fun but was really tired after playing each day. but i am glad there was something for him to do. He hates going to saint johns he is to much of a city boy to enjoy the small town. Colton has become obsessed with horses my moms neighbor has horses in the pasture behind their house and colton had to go and see them as much as he could. at the rodeo he would see a horse and bolt to the fence to see them running by him. At the parade saturday morning there were tons of horses and he about jumped out of my arms to go get them but he would have gotten trampled. We got candy a little wet from water balloons being thrown at us but he had so much fun. Mya and andrew stayed sitting in the shade to keep cool, but it was still a ton of fun.
We did lots of things to keep busy, plenty of water sliding, playing basketball, swimming, bouning around in the bounce house my mom has,and just hanging out in the cool weather. I didnt want to come back to this heat and not being able to go outside, it was ruff for colton he just got so used to being outside and now we cant stay out longer than a few minutes without roasting oh well not much we can do about it. I am so glad we got to spend that time with my mom and for my kids to see their grammie and papa. Being with family is the best thing on earth, i am so lucky to have them in my life. here are some pictures of the trip they are out of order i am to lazy to fix them.

Pretty girl

My sister in law sunghee with the kids

Daddy and the kids at the parade

collecting candy

Mason and colton enjoying bathtime

Water anyone

Baby girl hanging out

Watching brother get excited about the horsies

Colton at the rodeo obsessing over the horse

Stopped for a picture while in the bounce house

Daddy helping him ride the bike

Playing with the hose one of his favorite things
to do while we were there.

My cute baby boy