Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Smith family reunion 2013

This summer was our family reunion and we went to flagstaff rented a huge beautiful house. I didn't get tons of pictures but we had a blast.

 We weren't to far from slide rock so we packed up and off we went. Noooot a good idea when you are pregnant. We were having fun until Colton got caught in a current and away he went floating. My sister tried to get him but couldn't get him so I did what any mother would do and go after him. Of course I slip fall and land on my back and was able to get in and get Colton. It was the scariest thing ever, his face was so scared and I felt horrible. Thank goodness he could swim cause he was able to fight the current keep his head up so I could reach him. I was really sore after that and scared something might have happened to the baby but I laid down and later felt that there wasn't anything to be worried about. Other than that we had a ball being with family and making memories. 

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